Twitter Revolution

Tweet, tweet. For the past 7 years the world has been bombarded with billons of tweets from one of the world’s most famous social networking sites, Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site where users post 140 characters tweets about their everyday life.

Twitter was launched back in 2006 however when it was first launched, the co-founder Jack Dorsey, couldn’t afford the domain, instead launching on with the first tweet being “just setting up my twitter.” When it was first launched many users were shocked about the 140 character limits however in time it has come to be known as one of twitters key features as it is according to Vicky Beeching “a rare art form.”

In 2007 one of Twitter’s other distinguishing feature was launched, the hashtag, hashtags allow users to search for trending topics of the moment. Now in 2013, over 400 million tweets are sent every day and are seen by over 200 million people. The most popular tweet ever was Barack Obamas “Four more years” tweet which was shared over 811,000 times.

However, Twitter is not just about the tweeting, in fact 4 out of 10 tweeters don’t  even tweet, making twitter not just a social networking but also a great site for getting up to the moment news and facts. Thanks to the media presence of Twitter, we can now share our live stories instantly from anywhere. Find us on Twitter at @GCS_Report !

Article written by Robert.


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