Former Police Officer killed in Cabin shoot-out

Christopher Dorner

After 9 days of searching, pinpointing and gunfire in the United States Christopher Dorner, 33, a former police officer, died in a remote cabin he had barricaded himself in. California police had searched the region for days using bloodhounds and helicopters; it was the largest manhunt Americans could remember.

The story goes back to 2009 when Christopher Dorner was fired by the Los Angeles Police Department. He claimed they were being racist towards him. Last Thursday he posted a manifesto on his Facebook page before he began a string of murders.

LAPD On February 3rd two bodies were found in a parking garage in Irvine. The bodies were identified as Keith Lawrence and his fiancée, Monica Quan, who was a University basketball coach and the daughter of a LAPD captain, who had been involved in Dorner’s firing. A few days later, after following leads in San Diego, where he was spotted trying to hire a boat, he was linked to the shooting of a police officer in Corona, a satellite town of LA,  as well as two more murders. The next day the authorities declared a state wide search, but they soon narrowed his whereabouts to the mountainous Big Bear area. Schools closed in case he would strike there and his mother’s house, in LA, was searched for clues.

On 10th February the search continued for Christopher Dorner,  during this time a $1 million reward was offered for any information that would lead to his arrest. Soon after, two housemaids entered a cabin and found him. He tied  them up and made away in a purple Nissan. One of the maids was able to break free and call the emergency services. Half an hour later the stolen car passed by some game wardens who gave chase. Dorner crashed the car; then hijacked a pick- up truck that belonged to a Boy Scout leader called Rick Heltebrake. He drove to the seven Oaks mountain cabins, after opening fire on the officers he fled to the cabin where a shootout ensued, and two deputy officers were wounded. One died later of his injuries. Dorner barricaded himself in before a SWAT team pumped tear gas in and demanding that Dorner give himself up, a gunshot was heard then the structure caught fire, afterwards Dorner’s licence was found in the ash.


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